Top Ten Tuesday: Frequently Used Words in YA Titles

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl.This week we're talking about frequently used words in YA titles.

Alexia's Picks

1. Girl. Especially in a fantasy book, there's almost always the word Girl in there. It's maddening and it drives me absolutely insane. I almost never see the word Boy in a book title.

2. Fire. This is another one I see in fantasy books a lot. Fire is often equated with fantasy books for some weird reason. Fire could symbolize a lot of things, but generally, it's seen in fantasy books only.

3. Heart. I've seen this one in both fantasy and contemporary. There's different connotations for this one word depending on the genre of book that it is. Sometimes the word conveys strength & toughness. Sometimes it conveys softeness and not as much strength.

4. Love. I see this one in fluffy contemporaries. I don't read a lot of fluffy contemporaries, but the ones that I do read or at least know of, often have this four letter word in there a LOT.

5. Secrets. This is actually one of those "buzzwords" that makes me pick up a book. If I see it in the synopsis, I usually pick it up or at the very least, make a note of it so I can pick it up at another time.

6. Summer. Another word that's usually connected wit the fluffier books. Every once and awhile we get a book set in or around the summer that's a bit angsty, but not all that often.

7. Life. There's a lot of this word in YA books. Generally that's because these characters are going through some kind of transition in their lives. Or there's something going on in their lives that's changing everything.

8. Blood. Another word that's seen primarily in fantasy novels, although sometimes in contemporary books as well.

9. Beautiful. Especially in a book with romance in it, this word is used a lot and it drives me absolutely bonkers. There are ways to describe a girl without using that word. Or if you have to use it, just don't use it so much.

10. Blue. Either as a color or as a nickname, I see this word mentioned a lot. I didn't realize it until I started working on this post. Seriously, authors use different colors & nicknames.

Do you agree with any of my picks?

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